"Junkyards have all the best stuff!"

Friday is gallery night and I am so pleased to show the work of a man who has meant a great deal to me through my life.  30 years ago or so I chose and went to a liberal arts college here in Wisconsin called Ripon College.  Liberal Arts means you get a little bit of everything from philosophy to biology to leadership to art.  I found myself in art-specifically in the Ripon College Art Department.  Where I met a skinny, energetic Professor named Gene Kain(he also had a big bushy mustache at the time.)  He took me under his wing and dragged me all around the city of Ripon, it's outskirts and haunts to all the old junk yards.  "Junk yards have the all best stuff for making art," he said.  His influence, guidance, and friendship has spirited me through time and I am quite sure I would not be who I am without his presence during my years at Ripon and even now as a friend in my life.

It is my pleasure this Friday, at my studio to show some of his Polychrome relief sculptures and other work. 5-9pm with refreshments served and also a small project to create in the back of the studio.  All are welcome.

Hope to see you there.

Amy Mietzel

Bare Knuckle Arts