Baisc Soap Making with a Not so Basic Maker. Meet Laura Daly from Madison Soap Company.

Join Laura Daly from the Madison Soap Company in this soap making workshop. We will learn the basics of cold-process soap making, create 32 ounces of soap ($45 retail value) to take home with you to cure, and felt one bar of Madison Soap Company soap to create a natural but decorative wash cloth to add to your collection.

Soap making is a whole lot of chemistry, but also a lot of creativity. Some fun things you may want to bring with you to add to your soap mixture may include finely ground coffee, powdered clay, tea leaves, flower petals. For the top of your soap, you could bring fun things like a small pine cone, a favorite lego piece, a bouncy ball, some scrabble letters, or anything else small that would look incredible sticking out of your soap!

Saturday Dec. 1st from 1-4pm $70 per participant Ages 15-Adult

Bring your own long rubber gloves but all other supplies provided.