Junkyard Portraits at Adams Elementary in Janesville WI.

Adams Elementary in Janesville, WI hosted Bare Knuckle Arts in a 2 week artist residency this March 2018.  Students created a collaborative art project with STEAM emphasis.  Each student worked to develop their skills as they were using new tools.  The residency began by introducing the artists Dr. Evermore, El Anatsui, and Shinque Smith.  Artists from around the world that use upcycled materials to create art.  Students were very engaged in arts exploration as they thought deeply about what happens to the plastic we produce, the metal we use or can re-use and the best way to re-create with unusual materials.  Led by Amy Mietzel and Adams Art Educator Mandy Zdrale they did some creative thinking and problem solving as well as learning how to use tools.  It was a super positive experience for all involved.  Click here for more great photos of their work.