Their Art, You See It, They Love It, and Here is a Chance to Make It Legal.

Graffiti art or Street art is teen art born from the Hip Hop Culture. You see it and maybe shake your head but they LOVE it. They want to know how to do it and here is the opportunity to do it legally.

Punk Art Class at Bare Knuckle Arts

Meets on Mondays 4-5:15pm

Punk Art Class is a class for the tween/teen that is interested in exploring graffiti art, street art, rock album covers, stickers, and magnet making. Ages 10-14 welcome

Monday Jan. 28th Learn about graffiti and how to manipulate letters

Monday Feb. 4th Create an album or CD cover

Monday Feb. 11th Sticker Mania

Monday Feb. 18th Magnets

Monday Feb. 25th Spray paint on canvas

10-14 Year olds $60 for entire session.