Meet Peg Larabell: She knows shoes, leather, and Moobuzz too!

Meet Peg Larabell; craftswoman, bee enthusiast, inventor.

In the mid 1970’s, craving the satisfaction of working with her hands, Peg started a small custom leather-goods business in Neenah, Wisconsin. She began making belts, bags, shoes and boots. She relished finishing her leather goods with stains and oils similar to the ones she used when she helped her dad with woodworking projects. In addition to her small leather goods business, Peg began keeping bees. Fascinated with honey, honey comb, and bee culture, she was soon providing friends and family with an abundance of honey. She was also collecting a fair amount of beeswax, a by-product of honey extraction.

Peg started Third Street Shoe-an awesome shoe/leather repair place. She has now moved into devoting the majority of her time producing this awesome leather product called Moobuzz. It’s all natural and makes old leather look new again. In addition, she’s out there teaching classes. She is coming to Bare Knuckle Arts, to teach a workshop on Unique Leather Key Fobs on Sunday Nov. 18th 1-3:30pm.

Check out Moobuzz here.