MAKE Summer Fun!!!

When I was a kid hanging out in Columbus Wisconsin meant going to a place called Fireman's Park.  It had and still has a great old white pavilion, an outdoor swimming pool, some play equipment, baseball diamonds, and a little building called Resthaven.  Resthaven is an old brick building built in Prairie style, it was originally was used for people who traveled and camped at the park.  During my time in the 70's the was a building used for arts and crafts summer classes and it punctuated my summers of fun!  Like many strange things ingrained in our collective memories the smell of this place is tied to making god's eyes, gimp lanyards, and mod podge collages. It was all about making summer fun.  Bare Knuckle Arts is dedicated to making summer fun for your children.  Enrollment has begun and there are many classes for all different ages, learners, and makers.  Join us and MAKE summer fun!!!