Headed Back to Janesville, Where It All Started for Me!

I began teaching art 25 years ago in the Janesville, Wisconsin school district.  In the great debate of teaching, I can equivocally say I started teaching in the hardest teaching job there is.  Some think special education is hard, some argue it takes someone equally special to teach middle school or kindergarten. But I know the hardest job in teaching is being a traveling art teacher.  I cut my baby teeth in Janesville traveling between three schools a day, sharing an art room with well established art teachers, and teaching more than 8 kindergarten art classes a week in the kindergarten rooms on the west side of town.  In my first week of teaching, I was called Ms. Pretzel, Ms. Meatball, and I had to call four kindergarten parents because of a hair cutting incident.  Danny Fleming told me that my hands looked like his Dad's, who was a mechanic-both of our hands were always dirty.  Aubrey told everyone that her Mom and Dad liked to take showers together-this was during our discussion on the primary colors.  Teaching is hard and it is only getting harder.  There were quite a few that helped me figure it out-a kindergarten teacher named Pat Venable, Art Educators named Wilmont, Jelinek, Demos, and Beckenbaugh.  Now, I am headed back to do some professional development with the art educators in the district.  I feel quite honored and humbled to circle back around.  What a great opportunity to go back and share in the place it started for me.  Thank you.