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Windsor Elementary Residency-Spectaculous Metamorphosis

Bare Knuckle Arts is so excited to be a small part of an arts integration school wide project at Windsor Elementary in 2019. In addition to a songwriting by visiting musician Stuart Stotts, dance by a local dance company, we will be creating a 3-Dimensional 48 foot mural to be placed in the entryway of Windsor Elementary School. The mural will be part paint-part collaged images that stand out off of the wall with over 1,500 screws as well as a painted mural behind the images.  All images will be created by K-4 students and staff at Windsor and based on the lovely and ever important life-cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. The mural, the songs, and the dance will be part of the March 2019 celebration of Arts in Windsor.

Spectaculous Metamorphosis began today at Windsor Elementary. We learned about patterns, color, and textures. We surfaced designed paper with color and then used texture objects to create amazing color patterned paste papers. These papers will be used to create eggs, larva, caterpillars, and butterflies. The butterflies we love, adore, and want to protect. It was a hustle your art muscle moment with paint everywhere in the art room.