Make your own Artisan Wreath Workshop Sunday Nov. 25th 1-3pm Make Your Own Artisan Wreath and Bring a Taste of Nature Home for the Holidays!!! Using lots of upcycled pine boughs, cones, feathers, juniper, milkweed pods and more we will work on a wreath form and weave together an amazing creation you can use on a door or as a swag or centerpiece at your holiday table.  Sunday November 25th 1-3pm $45 per participant

Wood Stamp Gorgeous Tea-Towels Saturday Dec. 8th 1-3pm

Print your own gorgeous tea-towels with our hand cut wood blocks directly from India. Create patterns with color and repeated designs. The tea-towels make great gifts as well as one-of-a-kind treasures. We will print 3 towels but you can bring in your own tote bags or t-shirts to print as well.

$40 per participant Ages 10-Adult welcome

Altered Cigar Box Workshop Sunday Jan. 20th 1-3:30pm

Altered Cigar Box Workshop is so simple yet so fun.  Join us on Sunday Jan. 20th 1-3:30pm to upcycle, re-use, re-purpose old simple wooden boxes.  We pull out all the supplies in the studio and you can use whatever you want to created a one-of-a-kind box on the inside and out.  We also provide a wide and unique range of wooden boxes.  Ages 5-92 Welcome  $32 per participant

 Polymer Clay Bowl Workshop Sat Feb. 2nd 1pm

Create simple but beautiful polymer clay bowls in an afternoon. Stylish, charming, and each one unique. Using our hands, hearts, and a multitude of color choices you will roll, smooth, pinch, and pull a lovely bowl into shape. Not suitable to eat out of but great for storing candy, life savors, or simply to put on display. Ages 4-Adult welcome and $45 per bowl on Saturday Feb. 2nd 1pm-3:30pm


Free Workshops

Join us at a Library

Wed. Nov. 21st Hawthorn 10:30am Wire Sculpture

Monday November 26th Lakeview Pre-School Kids 10:30am Hungry Caterpillars

Tuesday Nov. 27th Lakeview Library 4pm Upcycled Birds

Monday Dec. 3rd Lakeview Pre-School Kids 10:30am Puppets

Monday Dec. 10th Lakeview Pre-School Kids 10:30am Pizza Collages

Tuesday Dec. 11th Lakeview Library 4pm Collages

Saturday Dec. 15th Sequoya 1pm Wire Sculpture

Monday Dec. 17th Lakeview Pre-School Kids 10:30am Elephant Sculptures


Observational Drawing and Fashion Fun with your own Wood Mannequin

Looking for a fun workshop over Winter Break? Join us as we first, draw from our own hard wood sectioned posable mannequin and then create inter-changeable clothes for them. The drawings, the clothes, and the mannequin all head home with you at the end of the workshop.

$44 per participant Ages 6-12 Years Welcome Dec. 31st 10am-Noon

3D Workshop on MLK Day Jan. 21st 10am-Noon

School's closed for MLK Day Jan. 21st 2019 but Bare Knuckle Arts is open! Sign up your mini-maker for a morning of fun and creativity! Today we are building with a wide range of materials. Traditional wood, recycled plastic, and repurposed materials to construct a 3D sculpture. Ages 4-12 Welcome.

Your 4 to 6 year old may need some additional parental help or involvement.


$25 per participant