Make your own Artisan Wreath Workshop Sunday Nov. 25th 1-3pm Make Your Own Artisan Wreath and Bring a Taste of Nature Home for the Holidays!!! Using lots of upcycled pine boughs, cones, feathers, juniper, milkweed pods and more we will work on a wreath form and weave together an amazing creation you can use on a door or as a swag or centerpiece at your holiday table.  Sunday November 25th 1-3pm $45 per participant

Wood Stamp Gorgeous Tea-Towels Saturday Dec. 8th 1-3pm

Print your own gorgeous tea-towels with our hand cut wood blocks directly from India. Create patterns with color and repeated designs. The tea-towels make great gifts as well as one-of-a-kind treasures. We will print 3 towels but you can bring in your own tote bags or t-shirts to print as well.

$40 per participant Ages 10-Adult welcome

Altered Cigar Box Workshop Sunday Jan. 20th 1-3:30pm

Altered Cigar Box Workshop is so simple yet so fun.  Join us on Sunday Jan. 20th 1-3:30pm to upcycle, re-use, re-purpose old simple wooden boxes.  We pull out all the supplies in the studio and you can use whatever you want to created a one-of-a-kind box on the inside and out.  We also provide a wide and unique range of wooden boxes.  Ages 5-92 Welcome  $32 per participant



Free Workshops

Join us at a Library

Tuesday Nov. 13th Lakeview Library 4pm Day/Night Art

Wed. Nov. 21st Hawthorn 10:30am Wire Sculpture

Monday November 26th Lakeview Pre-School Kids 10:30am Hungry Caterpillars

Tuesday Nov. 27th Lakeview Library 4pm Upcycled Birds

Monday Dec. 3rd Lakeview Pre-School Kids 10:30am Puppets

Monday Dec. 10th Lakeview Pre-School Kids 10:30am Pizza Collages

Tuesday Dec. 11th Lakeview Library 4pm Collages

Saturday Dec. 15th Sequoya 1pm Wire Sculpture

Monday Dec. 17th Lakeview Pre-School Kids 10:30am Elephant Sculptures


Observational Drawing and Fashion Fun with your own Wood Mannequin

Looking for a fun workshop over Winter Break? Join us as we first, draw from our own hard wood sectioned posable mannequin and then create inter-changeable clothes for them. The drawings, the clothes, and the mannequin all head home with you at the end of the workshop.

$44 per participant Ages 6-12 Years Welcome Dec. 31st 10am-Noon

3D Workshop on MLK Day Jan. 21st 10am-Noon

School's closed for MLK Day Jan. 21st 2019 but Bare Knuckle Arts is open! Sign up your mini-maker for a morning of fun and creativity! Today we are building with a wide range of materials. Traditional wood, recycled plastic, and repurposed materials to construct a 3D sculpture. Ages 4-12 Welcome.

Your 4 to 6 year old may need some additional parental help or involvement.


$25 per participant