Vial Cap Mural at Elver Park Neighborhood Center

Teens and children at the Elver Park Neighborhood Center came together and created a drawing that will be made into a 12 foot long vial cap mural. Using a variety of positive images from several different artists a final composition was created. This image was drawn onto MDF panels and then painted with background colors. The vial caps are being added as you read this.

Elver Park sketch for vial cap mural .jpg
vial capssss.JPG

The UW Hospital Anesthesiology Department is committed to upcycling and recycling all of their vial caps. They have used them in many ways including mural in the hospital to recently a Bucky from Bucky on Parade. Here is a video about their program.


Elver Park Neighborhood Center

The Elver Park Neighborhood Center provides support to children and families in the greater Elver Park neighborhood. We support children through out-of-school time programming that focuses on academics, social-emotional learning, and health and wellness. We support families through being a bridge to schools and assisting families in accessing services in the community.

elver park with caps.jpg

This is the Elver Park Vial Cap Mural in progress. Teens and children at the center are working on this project together. This 12 foot long mural will add a touch of bright color and interest to their multi-purpose room.