Bare Knuckle Arts offers visual art classes for kids and adults, including weekend workshops and family fun weeks.  Many classes are multi-generational, in fact we encourage you to sign-up with a child, grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, Big Brother or Sister. 

FUN for All Ages!

Just Spoonin' Jewelry Workshop---Fashion friendly and goes great with denim!!! Are you looking for a unique experience and the opportunity to create a your own piece of jewelry?  In this class we will take an old spoon, learn how to use a jewelry saw, cut a simple shape into the spoon then bend it into a pendent.  We will finish it with some polish and a simple leather cord.  No experience necessary.  $65 per participant Saturday Sept. 16th 1-4pm Ages 12-Adult Welcome

Silk Scarf Marbling-Sunday Oct. 15th 1-4pm Silky smooth to the touch, marvelous ripples of color, join us and learn to marble paper and then create 3 silk scarves for yourself or gifts for someone you love. No experience necessary just a willingness to experiment.  Ages 8-Adult Welcome $65 per participant

Go with the Flow, Fluid Acrylic Painting Workshop Sunday Oct. 22nd 1-3pm with Bob from Ellandart. Bob from Artist and Craftsman Supply, is the master of fluid acrylic painting.  Learn how to mix fluid acrylics, experience the techniques of pouring, and emerging cells.  Create 3 different poured, pure abstract individual pieces. No experience necessary just a willingness to experiment. Ages 12-Adult Welcome $45 per participant

Needle Felting Wool Landscapes Saturday Nov. 25thth 1-3pm Come explore the medium of needle felting.We will create a color rich landscape based on a photograph or your imagination using roving wool and a simple needle felting technique.   Creating small intimate color rich compositions we will then frame them in some old rustic wood frames created by Black Wood Works. Saturday Nov. 25th 1-3pm Ages 10-Adult $65 per participant

Make Your Own Artisanal Wreath Workshop Saturday Dec. 2nd 1-3pm $45 per participant

Make Your Own Artisanal Wreath and Bring a Taste of Nature Home for the Holidays!!! Using lots of upcycled pine boughs, cones, feathers, juniper, milkweed pods and more we will work on a wreath form and weave together an amazing creation you can use on a door or as a swag or centerpiece at your holiday table. 

Nesting Doll(Matryoshka) Workshop Sunday Dec. 10th 1-4pm
Join us for a Nesting Doll(Matryoshka).  Ever wanted your very own set?  Reserve your spot and create your own with paint and paint markers.  A Matryoshka doll also known as a Russian nesting doll refers to a set of wooden dolls that decrease in size and are placed one inside another. Paint your own set either as dolls, animals, superheros, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, characters, even Santa Claus or whatever tickles your fancy. They are hard to resist-easy to display.  No experience necessary just an eagerness to learn.  $65 per participant Ages 6-Adult