All Summer Classes meet from 1-3pm Monday to Friday. Join us for some summer fun.


Sewing Camp-June 26th-June 30th
This is a hands-on week where students learn how to hand sew buttons and re-purposed fabric into small birds or animals or people.  One day students will learn to marble fabric and use the fabric in a project. They will create a small messenger bag on a sewing machine. As well as some other small sewing projects such as a pillow making and key chains.  No experience necessary — this class is designed for beginning makers Ages 7-12 years old

Architectures and Automatons July 17-21st
Using drawing and design students will design a building and then with a variety of materials they will build a model. Their sculptural project will explore shapes and forms and they will begin to understand how these forms, patterns and textures are expressed in architecture. In addition we will learn about gears and mechanisms and then they will build their own simple automaton. Ages 10-16 Welcome

Cartooning and Illustration Week July 31-August 4th Comics are a great form of visual learning. In this week long class students learn how to create and develop their own cartoons! This drawing intensive class takes a deeper look into character development, background design, perspective and movement drawing. Budding cartoonists will develop a cast of characters and/or their own comic strip.  Ages 8-12 Welcome

Family Fun Week Glass Mosaics July 24th-28th is a great week to spend quality time with a family member, a sibling or a friend.  Sign Up for this week and it is 2 people for the price of 1!  This week we are making small mosaics and large ones that look like stained glass when done.  No experience necessary.  Learn how to cut glass with nippers, glue, and grout to create an everlasting beautiful piece of art.  $125 for two people Ages 7--92 years Welcome

Exploring Contemporary Artists Week Aug 7th-11th
Great class for your elementary aged child ages 6-10 years old.  We will explore and learn about 5 different contemporary famous artists then create our own art based on their images.  Monday is the artist Yayoi Kasuma and the project is painting.  Tuesday is the artist El Anatsui and the project is metal sculpture construction.  Wednesday is the artist Willard Wigan and we will create small miniature worlds.  Thursday is the artist Shinique Smith and we will create a small soft sculpture.  Friday is the artist Anish Kapoor with a sculptural project.  Ages 6-10 welcome

Open Studio is the week of August 14th, 16th, 17th.  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Ages 3-16 Welcome.  Open Studio is a time when you children can come in and create or make.  It is a self-driven time, one in which they decide what materials to work with.  The majority of studio materials are available.  Ages 3-5 may need parental guidance older children can walk in or be dropped off for the time.

9am-11am $20 per day per participant