Solstice Saturday Family Yoga/Art Workshop June 23rd 10am-12pm

Solstice Saturday is a shared time for you and child to gather, celebrate, and honor the solstice with us.  This workshop includes introductory yoga and mindful art practices and encourages adult/child interaction as you engage in activities together.  The yoga portion will be led by Jessica Becker, CYT 200 and the art portion led by both Jessica Becker and Amy Mietzel

Join us in celebrating Solstice as we shine more brightly in our awareness of the sun as it lingers the longest of any other day in our year. Recommended children age range is from 5-10 years $25 per family---No experience necessary, all materials provided but you might like to bring your own yoga mats.

Rube Golberg Inventing Workshop Saturday July 14th

Got an inventor in the family, an engineer, a thoughtful inspired kid?  This workshop is for her/him and you.  Join us as we use a variety of materials to create a machine that performs a most simple task.  We will learn about Rube Goldberg, an American
cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer, and inventor.  Then get out a whole bunch of stuff, fire up the low fire glue guns, find the marbles, wood, dominoes, and duct tape to create a one-of-a-kind invention.  Ages 5-92 years $40 per machine Families can work on one together but I bet your little inventor will want to make their own. 

Saturday July 14th 1-4pm

Silk Scarf Marbling Sunday Oct. 21st 1-4pm

Silky smooth to the touch, marvelous ripples of color, join us and learn to marble paper and then create 3 silk scarves for yourself or gifts for someone you love. No experience necessary just a willingness to experiment.

Ages 8-Adult Welcome $65 per participant



Free Workshops

Join us at a Library

Tuesday June 26th Lakeview Circle Weaving 4-5pm

Tuesday July 24th Hawthorne Robot Collages 10:30am

Tuesday July 31st Lakeview Paint our Solar System 4-5pm

Tuesday August 14th Lakeview DIY Kaleidoscope 4-5pm

Wednesday August 15th Meadowridge Treasure Maps 2-3pm

Friday August 17th Meadowridge Robot Collages 1-2pm