Art Parties/Events/Girl & Boy Scouts

We love parties and special events and would be honored to be part of your celebration. 

Contact us today to schedule your special day.

We can host up to 12 friends and design a project based on your interests.  We are open to even doing theme projects.

Parties include: 

*1.5 hours of private instruction in one project that fits your child's interests, age, and ability level. Typically, we make art, eat, open presents, dance, play hopscotch or other party games. Party usually takes about 2 hours total. 

*Large party table with linen.

*Party Art supply bags for all the party participants

 Bring your own food, cake, cupcakes, decorations and games.  We can even clear an area for dancing. 

Party or Event fee is $20 per participant.

Girl or Boy Scout Badges

We would love to help you get your Girl or Boy Scout Badges at Bare Knuckle Arts.  Contact us at to find out more info/pricing/scheduling, etc. Listed below are a few badges and projects that would work to fulfill them. 

Girl Scouts-Daisies-Clover Badge-Using Resources Wisely...Project-Upcycled Spinning Tops

Girl Scouts-Brownies-Painting Badge..Painting or Making Games Badge...Project-Design your own board game

Girls Scouts-Juniors-Digital Photography Badge..Project is Digital Photography or Cartoons Badge..Cartooning Project

Girl Scouts-Cadettes-Book Artist Badge..Project-Handmade Books or Comic/Cartoon Badge..Project Cartooning or Graphic Novels

Boy Scouts-Animation Badge...Project is Flipbooks

Boy Scouts-Game Design..Project is Design your own board game

Boy Scouts-Art Badge...Painting, Drawing, Sewing

Boy Scouts-Sculpture Badge...Plaster of Paris Gauze Sculptures

Contact us thru form on contact page or by calling,


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