Bare Knuckle Arts is owned by Amy Mietzel
Amy was a middle school art educator for over 20 years.  Teaching in Madison and Janesville she learned to not take anything a middle schooler says personally.  She believes with her whole heart that #artmatters. Mentoring projects in Janesville, putting student art on billboards in Madison, and showing their art in various venues around the city have been some of the best accomplishments for kids.
She has a penchant for old lady sweaters, dogs, Coca-Cola, new ideas, vibrant color, and she walks a fine line between normal and hoarding materials that have a purpose.


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Bare Knuckle Arts is an independent art center with a big heart.  A place with an open environment, friendly vibrant space that is an artistic home.  It invites you to create, dream, imagine, make meaning as you or your child understand and frame the world. 

The studio and classes help to educate, gain knowledge, problem solve, think, engage in life, and make new friends.

Bare Knuckle Arts values expression and is here to help you celebrate life, experiment, improve your positive emotional health, understand culture, and connect to the world.

Come join us and Hustle Your Art Muscle!



We value upcycling and re-purposing because it's just plain good for the environment.  Many of our classes embody good stuff that we re-use.